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Platinum Bars

Sable Platinum Mining Limited - Projects

Sable Platinum Mining (“SPM”) currently has a number of projects:

  • SPM will receive a royalty from Bushveld Minerals Limited (“Bushveld”) as and when Bushveld begin mining vanadium magnetite ore on the properties of Uitvalgrond Portion 3, Syferfontein and Uitvalgrond Portion 2. These properties are to the east of the Vametco project area and are currently not part of the mining plan for the Vametco project. Shareholders are referred to the Bushveld website for information on these projects.

  • SPMĀ has a 74% interest in a platinum project area that is to the east of Northam Platinum. The prospecting right to this project expired in March 2015, however the company has applied for a retention permit over this property. To date no communication has been received from the Department of Mineral Resources and Energy.

  • SPM is in the process of converting the ferrochrome slag processing plant into a semi-mobile, multi-purpose plant for processing of heavy (specific gravity of 7 or more) minerals. SPM is in discussions to process tin tailings.

  • The auditors place no value on any of these projects at present.

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