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Bullet Circulars
Bullet SEAM Group - Interim 202308 Long Form - 29 Sept 2023 final
Bullet SEAM Group - Interim 202308 Short Form - 29 Sept 2023 Final
Bullet Trading Update 27 9 2023
Bullet Sens Announcements 2021
Bullet Sens Announcements 2022
Bullet Sens Announcements 2023

Integrated Annual Report 2017 - 2020


Integrated Annual Report 2021


Integrated Annual Report 2022

Bullet Short form announcement: unaudited prov. condensed consol. finance report for 6 mths ending 31 Aug 22
Bullet Condensed statement of financial position as at 31 Aug 22
Bullet Integrated Annual Report 2023 as at 30 May 2023

Sable Exploration and Mining Limited - Investors


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Sable Exploration and Mining (SEAM) has 1,5 billion shares authorised and under the control of the directors. There are 4,35 million shares in issue.

The company has announced a rights issue of 12 shares for every 1 held at a price of R1 per share. Directors have, directly and indirectly, underwritten 25,36 million of the 52,21m share offered to shareholders. It should be noted that shareholders have first right to subscribe for the shares at R1 each in the ratio of 12 shares for every share held.

The company has been approached by a number of companies to reverse list assets into the company. A circular will be sent to shareholders giving details of the rights issue once a transaction has been announced.




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